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Reissue CD Release- Then & The Terrible Now – Seeing Eye Ear/Vanishing Breed Vol 2 -8/2/18

Seeing Eye Ear (reissued 8/2018) is an enhanced collection of new work that was released in digital format only in November of 2017. This CD edition includes those tracks plus a collection of previously released compositions from  1987-1997 that were only available in cassette format now digitally remastered entitled Vanishing Breed Vol. 2 The mixture of older experimental tracks with more mature recent compositions results in one wild sonic roller coaster ride for the senses-  Please remain seated and buckled in. Keep your ears inside your imagination at all times- and remember you must be at least this tall to ride this ride.

Seeing Eye Ear Fall 2017

Seeing Eye Ear is a collection of two of the five senses fragments as sonic puzzle pieces one perhaps might encounter while playing with a lyrical face suits of cards without a full deck. Sensations missing here are touch and scent which are tactile of course Much like an unfinished painting or story you might find yourself reaching for a full hand or a snoot full to get the picture or finish that sentence. These efforts are intended to encroach on that elusive sixth sense. Perhaps dreams are the halfway house for the flesh intended for the listener to encounter the interior typography of the solitary finding a voice to the collective. Infinity might have this in store for us all one day. Dust cover flesh is immune neither to critics or conjecture. The wild card here in the Terrible Now being taste.

Quattro Vox  Fall 2013

JB Studio



The Present Day Composer refuses to die-

Edgar Varése



Quattro Vox is the fourth in series of sonic landscapes on CD with the spoken word since 2000. Previously Vincent Quatroche produced four cassette collections for Sleeping Giant Records during the 1990s. His Son is the 4th Vincent Quatroche to born since 1900. Quattro Vox in Latin means literally Four Voice.  He has had four great loves in his life. There have been four members in his family for the last four generations. Of the four main themes of this collection dreams, memory, the pen of the id, one of which is the four seasons passing in loss, resignation, mortality and redemption. Loosely translated from its Italian origin the name Quatroche (old world spelling Quattrocchii ) can been broken down to Quattro -four….Occhi –eyes.  The Quatroche family’s home region is Abruzzo or Abruzzi, Italy where it has been reported that there is such a concentration of the name Quatroche that region has a related saying Ora si sarà fermata l’assurdità e parlare con quattro Occhi  translated as: now you and I will stop the nonsense and speak with four eyes. There are four typos on this page. It is recommended you listen to this collection a minimum of four times in its entirety with another person thus listening with four ears before passing judgment of its merit bearing in mind as a child his favorite number was five.



Quatro Vox 8 image back cover

Quattro Vox 

1.Awake and Dreaming in LA   2.Flattened   3.In a chilly kiss 4.A Gift at Dawn 5.Bi-Polar October  6.Got Abstract ? 7. Writing for the ear & eye 8.In between Their Lips9.The Days are Sneaking byyou  10.Sanus Vox Unus 11.Birth Mark Sister12.Good Night for Smoking in Brooklyn  13.Wearing Yellow Jackets  14.Dwindling June Shadows  15.How history will remember us   16. Shadow Sentence IOU   17.Awake in this dream   18.Trophy Poet    19.In Sonic Embrace   20.Sanus Vox Duos   21.Red flame in the rain  22.Matter of Preference  23.But Not Today  24.In his Broken Sky 25.After Irene  26.When you open me  27.Still Awake and Dreaming (reprise)



Special thanks and acknowledgement to all the following musicians who composed & performed all the generous contributions to this project

Matt Wiggers – Clandestine composer/musician awake & dreaming in the city of angels-  acoustic shaky pianos & thread barren guitars, abandoned desert banjo, endless electronic devices beyond identification & comprehension  Ocean Project Will Wet Ton-  When You open me. The d of the C5 – Birth Mark Sister  Robots Dream of Islands – In Sonic Embrace Dane Ambient Ambience idea 2 –Bi-Polar October Awake & Dreaming in LA 10.03ca re 02-  Awaking & Dreaming City of Dreams Soft- The Days are sneaking by you Gently like the Snow (electric) Gift at Dawn Life on Pluto- Writing for the Ear & Eye Gently like the Snow Glts 03  After Irene Glts 04  Sanus Vox Unus Glts. – But not today Copernia Prime Stars of the Wig. 3 –Sanus Vox Dunos The January EP Far from the Beach– Dwindling Shadows of June May of 10 AP80srsnc – In a chilly Kiss MM01c – Goodnight for Smoking in Brooklyn Paranormal Master White Out (no vox)- Red Flame in the Rain


Ezekiel Honig A New York City native, and founder/label manager for the Anticipate and Microcosm labels, Ezekiel Honig concentrates on his idiosyncratic brand of emotively warm electronic-acoustic music..Using the sounds of plastic, metal, wood and air in collaboration with Rhodes, guitar, horns, piano and other instrumental origins, his music is one of contrast and contradiction, combining minimal, abstract tendencies with a core of timeless harmonics – pairing inviting, fuzzy chords with clunky and dirty “mishaps.”  Contributions included originally released on Surfaces of a Broken Marching Band Oct 2008 Brief Visual Pattern– Better Get Abstract Displacement– Matter of Preference Material Instrument P.1 – Shadow Sentence IOU Porchside Economics – In between their lips


Jim Briggs- Micro Korg Excel, pocket piano w/ Annea on the Vocoder  Wearing Yellow Jackets  (w/VQ) Awake in this Dream  Remix of Got Abstract


Mark Hiestand –Sparkly Slicing electric guitar – ReturningFrom Old Haunts– How history will remember us


Dan Berggren- Acoustic guitar, virtual wood stick percussion, loyalty & patience    

Untitled original composition-Trophy Poet


Vincent Quatroche- Alesis Syth Keyboard, SFX sound picture cauliflower ear design, poor impulse control-   Flattened -In his Broken Sky-. Wearing Yellow Jackets (w/ JB)



Singing Mr. Cedric    Summer 2010

Track List:

Till They Get Me, Meet Mr. Cedric, Color Madness, Train of Thought-Disclaimer, Missing Thread, Matinee Idol, Get the Picture ?, Mask in 2 Movements, Collapse all Day, The Art Truck, Train of Thought-Sideways, Dissecting Daddy, Sing a Song of Cedric, Twilight Game, Train of Thought-Time, My Kind of Morning After, The Silence, Another Rubber Eden, The Terrible Now, Exit Music

Vanishing Breed 1987-1997 Re-Mastered Cassette Collection of Works rescued from the Obsolete Technology of Rubber Eden (2009)

Featured Po of the Month  1/2011

The Dybbuk Dreams

List at the End of January


1. Dreams of War 2. Vanishing Breed 3. Time Fries 4. List at the End of January 5.Rubber Eden 6. Where is Lucky Ward? 7. Drowning a Fin 8. Pliers 9. Screwing Me through Schenectady 10. What are We working on Now? 11. Jupiter 12. Knocking Yourself Out 13. What Dexter Knew 14. Maul Set 15. In October When the Price was Right 16. The Dybbuk Dreams 17. Chinese Proverb 18. Long Island Sound 19. Good Story 20. Book Scout  21. Radio Baghdad These selections are representations of four independent cassette projects produced and released over a ten year period. They represent the spoken word genre in the Spirit and influence of Ken Nordine, Vivian Stanshill, Tom waits and even some Chris Morris lurking in there somewhere. I would like to thank Dan Berggren for his encouragement, support over the years in my audio related creative endeavors. Jim Briggs for the superb job of bring new life to these sonic landscapes. And of course all the talented musicians who I had the good fortune and honor to work with in collaboration. I dedicate this collection to future generations whom I hope will rediscover how to stare with their ears (As Nordine coined it) and allow the imagination to peer into the subconscious history of Rubber Eden some day. I am confident there is always someone out there who will not allow this sort of storytelling to become a vanishing breed that dwindles to extinction. To keep alive the art of listening, to travel beyond merely hearing. Morning Dolly (4:05)   Over at Walt’s (3:40)   Testing Tonight (7:30)   Radio Umpire (4:44)   Jupiter (2:28)   Color Mad Night (3:20)   Past Tracks (3:14) Rubber Eden Rubber Eden (1:47) Lost and Found (3:13) Hummer’s Day (2:47) Three Holy Idjits (2:00) Nothing Since * (3:00) Hole in the Sky (2:20) How to Find an Afternoon Bar (3:50) List at the End of January (1:56) United States of D—-yland (5:25) Night Salutes (4:00) Niagara Mohawk Pole # 55 (3:04) Good Night June (2:48) Hot Horse in Winter * (2:10) Every Couple of (3:10) Up Late (2:00) Resistance (1:30) Good Story (8:20) Dybbuk Dreams Road Kill (2:38)   Her MTV Lover (3:00)   Hour of the Time (3:10)   Pliers (4:50)   Son of Flubber and the End of the World (4:29)   Instructions for Understanding this Poem (2:41)   After the Nap (3:24)   The Childhood of Errol Flynn (3:30)   Small Time (2:46)   In October (2:35)   His MTV Lover (3:38)   Dybbuk Dream (3:25)   Rain Out (4:32)   Drowning a Fin (2:00)   Long Island Sound (2:50)   Book Scout (3:18)   Screwing Me Through Schenectady (3:52) Lucky Ward Dreams of War (4:30)   Radio Baghdad (4:00)  Vanishing Breed (2:20)   Blue Swing (3:50)   What Are We Working on Now? (3:47)   Gilligan’s Organ (2:10)   Time Frys (3:40)   Hoover Decade (2:00)   Knocking Yourself Out (2:10)   What Dexter Knew (3:30)   Jeannie (2:50)   Sunday Night Heart (3:00)   Memory Boat Morn (5:10)   Stolen Moments (3:00)   Twilight 84 (5:57)   Chinese Proverb (1:58)   Where is Lucky Ward? (3:07) In Dreamthink (2006) 1) Welcome to Gridville 2) Theme from Vapor X 3) Creative Process 4) 22 Lost Lines 5) I Lament the Computer Electric 6) C-Phone Section 7) Strange Plumbing Planet 8.) Health Department Nightmare 9) Booking 10) Dream of the Steel Balls 11) Tense Shift w-intermission 12) Pavement Dreams Secrets 13) Fragment Explained 14) In Dreamthink 15) Oz Bound 16) Dreams in the key of D 17) Stopleak 18) Weeping in the Walls 19) Morning Release Matador from Another Planet (2004) 1) Of the Aural & Visual   2) Beat the Clock 3) Saying Grace in Rocco’s Castle   4) An Understanding   5) Outside of the El Chico in Rome   6) Matador from Another Planet 7) Her Birthday   8.) All The Old Cars   9) Parallax Error   10) New Suffolk Girls   11) Goodbye Rhumbline   12) All-Star Game 13) Lost Vorkapitch   14) Alcoholic Adjunct of the Month Club   15) Potterville   16) How Nothing Hurts   17) Forever and a Day   18) Attitude House Vincent Quatroche has been recording his work since the late 70s. This current project is the 5th in a series with long time colleague, friend and collaborator Dan Berggren. Quatroche is a local educator de-jour and poet/storyteller. “Matador from Another Planet” is a mind movie that paints word pictures in a sonic vorkapitch. If Ken Nordine, Tom Waits, Rod Serling, Charles Bukowski, and Rod McKuen‘s “ids” became scrambled in a post modern auditory blender then the ghost of Vivian Stanshill would be included to produce fresh “pink half’s of the drain pipe” with Eno nodding in agreement while the residents scrambled for the libretto. In short, this is your late night companion in the car or by candlelight for libation and reflection.

Radio Umpire Rubber Eden Dybbuk Dreams Lucky Ward

Radio Umpire – 1988 Dybbuk Dreams – 1995
Rubber Eden – 1989 Lucky Ward – 1991
BONUS: See the Vince Quatroche piece on PBS – WNED TV

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