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Dis Remember December

Just fished these out of the attic- Soon as I test them and untangle them terrible now- you’ll be the first to know

Nor’easter for Christmas

And he started

talking in

back alley doorways

with a mug full

of parking lot teeth

as the gale wound

up her fist from

the east and positively

dared him to jump

across four feet of lapping blackness

from the aft deck

to the floating dock

gleaming slick in salt water ice

to square of that drag line.

Of course he did it.

Now the red and green

of the old Claudio’s

liquor sign flickers,

buzzes and glows

around his head like

sucker punch halo

as the flags up on top

of the poles

sport boners.

Of course

he did it.

                                                                                                   Terrible Now  12/07

Additional ornaments pending