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October in Octave 2.0

October 2020 update- 10/18 -When the past blows in-

New work 8/20

Wrong Number

(for Phil by way of da wheel)

So I’m walking into a bar on E 7th

In 1956 right after the Dodgers beat Yanks in the last World Series

That Winter February afternoon

And Spring Training was right around the corner

And all ready there was talk about them moving to LA

Nobody reading the papers was buying it-

A loud mouth regular puts it this way-

No way the Giants skip town- that’s just Stoneham putting the pressure

On the city to build him a new stadium so they can ditch that Polo Grounds dump-

I order a tall boy of High Life in bottle and a

Shot of Dewers neat

And slap a buck and half on the countertop

Getting couple of nickels for change

Head for the jukebox

While watching that new TV set that’s showing up in most places lately

Blurry black and white with the sound muted usually

While that same know it all regular pronounces – TV stinks- look at that tiny screen-

It’s just a fad- never will catch on-

Me ? rather go to the movies

As my numbers come up on the jukebox  playing

Bill Hailey and the Comets- See you later Alligator

And while lighting up a Camel Straight

Wondering who was that Dish in the phone booth

Laughing out loud down the end of the bar

While smiling over here

While I wait for her to get off the horn

There’s bar stool next to me with a purse and a Pink Squirrel

With a battered pack of Viceroy


I’m not going anywhere-

After hanging up the receiver she sashays towards me

In a red & white polka dot hoop skirt and her high heels

Clicking 2 inch stiletto heels on the linoleum

Sitting down on the adjacent bar stool

She snaps some gum with crackle

Sizes me up and down and says-

So what are you looking at ?   Creep.

VQ 7/30/2020