May 22

Was compelled to sneak this one in the beginning of the Octave of this brief season

New Work- Spring 2202- additional content pending

David Jones- Static Squares
Bellingham WA circa 1978

The Kitchen Tables series- in progress

Do we hear what we see

Deaf and Blind sensing only frequency

We see in sound

And hear in light


If I could write in 3 D Stooges Poetry

I would want to be Larry

It would so Fine to be Larry

Talk like Larry

Walk like Larry

Look like Larry

Wouldn’t I just nonchalantly stroll 

Into the bar of East 6th Street and 1st Ave

To the open Mic reading

Feeling so Larry Fine in 1939

Order a beer and recite a poem

Spilling secrets of Moe and Curly

Being Larry Fine at the microphone

And I bet I was through?

Bet I wouldn’t go home alone