Po o’ the Month

High Dry July 2.0

July 2019 – What you going to do- when the well runs dry ?

At the end of turned pages

July gushing stream

vibrant shrouds and shade ripples in shadows

all the busy harsh traffic sounds so far away

I can gently orbit here just minutes from another planet nearby that I need not visit

in the newborn summer heat the rustle of the red maples from St. Agnes or genuflecting and benediction rustling in acknowledgment.

The progressing afternoon like apple red patterns in undulating rhythm

where the wavelengths frequency of sound light exchanged glances and

remember the last time they danced like this.    -Got Abstract? 2014


Steam Heat Cool

 Hottest day of the Summer so far that year

In mid July on fricasseeing  1st Ave and as I’m

Doing a steady sweaty schlep approaching

The corner of 12th street

And this eighty year old guy appears

in the heat waves like an oasis mirage

In a powder blue double breasted suit jacket with

Boxed square cut shoulders like Cab Callaway used to sport,

His cream dress shirt with ruffled button down trim has a mile

Wide grape tinted tie freshly off the rack from the 40s held

perfectly centered with a gleaming diamond stick pin clasp

tan trousers with crisp razor creases, heeling toeing spotless

white bucks with pink shoes topped off with an extra wide brimmed

vanilla fudge swirl Fedora and Harlequin blue sunglasses

And not a drop

And man I mean not drop

Of sweat on him.

-Q Bop City 2018

July Fragments 2012

Just so much Space


You can move only so far

I’m told in a very small space

Most human skulls are about

roughly the size of two fists

Yet they contain everything single

Perception one can fathom

In a life time about the universe.


So that world between your ears

Can be as wide or narrow as

You make it.


Shrink or expand

Exclude or include.


But I would advise you

To take care with the dimensions

You will ultimately design in there.


Because that is all

You are going to take with you.


His Yellow Tonka Truck

(Attributed to Matt H)

Outside of the bar that evening

After discussing guns and booze

He said….

And I just didn’t have the heart to tell him

Playing so contently in his sand box

With his yellow Tonka truck

That someday he was going to

Have to deal with women.


Remembering Herman

Herman Munster was an artist.

He loved the strange sounds of words

And how meaning could jump the tracks

From children’s books to surrealistic art.

So the TV monster based upon Shelly’s nightmare

Found notoriety and fame as being the

GD nicest fiend on the block

Who like to phrase his delivery

In the cadence of his mom.

Fighting back with Art

-For Doug

Wishes always it seems

Have to take a back seat in some cab

While nightmares ride first class

Like a holiday heart attack

That happens in front of the kids

On the Thru-way

Headed out to see the fireworks

And the numbness will continue

Till the awareness shows up.


Duck  Dvorak Duck !

July early evening

After a stunning warm

Summer day with a brilliant blue

Sky without a memory of a cloud

In the world.


In reflection while the radio plays

Dvorak thinking over all the swings

And misses that fate has taken at you

Over the years.


Best take care before you

Grin and smirk…

Missed me….



You can trust me on this one.



Is  always just now

Winding up

And headed straight at you.


So it perhaps might be

A bit premature to request

Fate at the piano to play


I’m just a lucky so and so.

-Got Abstract ? 2012