New Works 2/12

February Evaporation Plan


In a plastic holder posted

on the calendars wall

is this emergency

evaporation plan

for February

a season entrapped

between the beginning

and the ending

suspended in between

this uneasy limbo

where Fall failed to move along

and never really left anyone

and rumors of a early Spring

are sighing lies yet to arrive.

So stumble in the numbness

of this brown grass with me

yawning in chilly indifferent distance.


Pity a month so very short

it stands up on tiptoe

to merely see their empty place

at the table set for it.

Deluded in preview

Obscured in past tense.

Silence marks the short days

towards the long March

away from a Winter that

declined to participate.


So now let the interchangeable

aspects of abandonment and embrace

cancel each on the way out

like fused lynch pins

pulling the freight

laden with baggage

and sodden weight

transported from

one faceless depot

to the vacant platform

of another’s  eyes.


Uncollected      2/2012


Got Abstract ?



Better get abstract

start to see this feckless world

eviscerated …. as is…..

strictly in phallic images that

stand erect in the face of

human nature being ejaculated

to cum like acyclic paint left

under a heat lamp

of stubborn ignorance.


Better get abstract

Yeats knew it

as WW 1

the war to end all wars

was merely a mechanical

dress rehearsal to Beckett’s

End Game 30 seconds

over August Hiroshima


Enola Gay

was somebody’s Mom

after all.

Better get abstract

for the days

looming ahead.


Cain will

slew Able

again as

the cradle of civilization

blows away

in nuclear


and our Rubber Eden

the new Jerusalem

of comfort and ease

mendacity and greed

genuflects out of need.


Better get Abstract


You walking

You talking

Al Camus



Gone Pollock




Better Get Abstract

  Uncollected   2/2012


Your Jar of Corks


… missing this lid

absent in the burning bridges

run out of rope

in the hangman’s shrug

the coarse fibers rub.


After the trial

after the Kangaroo court

is in recess

will the foreman please

read the verdict ?


Your honor


we find

we are now

a hung jury

but clearly ready

to do our duty.


So let him dangle

till there is this

snap of the neck

of all his memories.


Suspend him upside

down in the town square

afterwards by his

Mussolini heels

and allow all the

sallow amusement in

the jeers and squeals.


and there will not

being any containment

further to consider

other then your

hand left snugly stuck

in a glass mouth

sealing it all off


for the corks at the bottom.


Uncollected               2/2012


Can I ask a Small Favor ?




will sow

the seeds

of regret

into every


reckless impulse

one succumbs to.


Locked down emotions

escape and will

eventually lead

to the inevitable quarantine

of a past love

like some toxic entity

you picked up

on the door handle

of a rest room door.


And washing your hands

of it now

Will not help

You can ask

Lady Macbeth

about that

or perhaps even

Pontius Pilate


and while we are

in the neighborhood

let’s just ask for

a small favor….

the truth

and the consequences

just this once

without justification

or contrived filter

unlike the severed head of

St. John the Baptist

that Salome ask for


In exchange for doing

the dance of the Seven Veils

for her lecherous



Leaving even Herod

left scratching

his head over that one.


I recall him asking her



But what would…..  you do with such a thing ?


Salome smirked


I want him… ask for it back.


So in the end

much like a decapitated prophet

the truth will be known


and all the guests

of brutality

at her most

grotesquely best

are unanimous

in denial

about all this.



will sow

the seeds

of regret

into every


reckless impulse

one succumbs to.

 Uncollected            2/2012



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