September Plans Lessons

(The beginning of this months Po update is dedicated to the teachers & their students of Gridville)


22 Lost Lines

(live recording link directly below from CD In Dreamthink)

22 lost lines


The Blue Angel is enrolled in my public speaking class.

And if this really true…

My God what does that make me ?

A day as Painting.

It covers you with itself

stroke by stroke.

Never let desire beat a path to your door

It may just never forget the directions.

I rent this skin

like a cheap room

in a condemned

boarding house.

Over the years

he liked to think

he had built up

a rather minor reputation

as the old “walking acid test”

Trouble was

Nobody knew

What that was anymore.

And the closest equivalent

in this age of the Teflon selective memory is ?


 -From Greetings From Gridville  2006


Why Johnny Can’t Think


 At four years old they put his little ass on

the Stuperpfiquil

That made him more “manageable”

in Mrs. Heyman Smallmotor’s Day Care.


Trouble was the nightmares,

at first.

Then that thing with forks

and the wall sockets.


Next medication adjustment was right before Kindergarten.

The prescription was changed to 175 grams of Confuseadril



Mixed results.

Very polite, cooperative and pliant,

but needed the script for the Preventidrool

to take the edge of the Confusdril.


He stabilized somewhat through early grade school years.

Teacher’s regularly remarked on his ability to

“free associate” in finger paint.

However the introduction of Maladroitin (with Chondroitin)

Seemed to reintroduce “extended lucid periods”


Naturally the onslaught on Puberty

and Jr. High presented some “special challenges.”


The consulting team agreed that perhaps 250 CC of

Benumbitussin might counter act some the more aggressive

tendencies but only if alternated with Mindbenderine

every other week.


This seemed to do the trick.

And no further “episodes” were reported

throughout the secondary school years

which were successfully completed with the achievement of a GED credential.


Today Johnny has little/no lingering effects from the developmental medication.

An aggressive regimen of Psudointellextuol, Ennuigra (with Tedium),

and Phenaminafenafinaphen all see to that.


                                                                                                 – Greetings from Gridville 2006


Best Answer I ever got on a Test


Question: Is Hell Exothermic (gives off heat)


 Endothermic (absorbs heat) ?


To even to start to understand this question you have to be familiar with Boyle’s Law and its’ application . BTW…(just for the record)  Boyle’s law states that gas cools at it expands and heats when it is compressed…

This was the student’s response:

Well…the first thing we need to know is the mass of Hell changing all the time ? For example: How many souls are in Hell at one time and if anybody would get out if Hell got too crowded and needed more room for fresh arrivals.

But we all know once you go to hell…man you’re in forever…so nobodies going anywhere.

So thus, the assumption is that hell has to be getting bigger and bigger all the time….

I mean think about it, all the religions in the world, basically they only agree on one thing. If  you don’t believe their way….you are going to hell. All throughout the course of history to the present day this has been the case. Look they all can’t be right. Probably only one has it right…so everybody else?


You got it. There are a whole lot of folks going. Probably the majority of human beings that ever lived on earth are stuck down there…

Now consider this… the population explosion of the last couple of hundred years in recent history… A lot more people on the planet…and the ratio of births to death is hardy equal. People are being born at record rates…so are the numbers of those biting the dust equal or lagging far behind ?


So. More fresh arrivals…more souls bound for hell….

Come to think of it Hell would have to be expanding at an exponential rate (you know 2-4-8-16-32-64-and so on)  to accommodate the crush.

 So how in Hell (if you will forgive the pun) is the volume, heat, and pressure in Hell remaining the same (in relation to all the souls being added all the time…..remember Boyle’s Law…)

I mean, you would have to have some real impressive expansion going on.

It goes something like this:

There are only 2 possibilities:

If  Hell is can’t expand  fast enough to fit in the number of souls pouring in, then it’s only a matter of time till the pressure and temperature gets out of control  and…

All Hell breaks loose (literary)


If Hell is expanding at a lower rate than the souls entering it, well then temperature would have to drop until Hell freezes over?

So which one is it?

Hell I have no idea….


But I will tell you this,

I’ve known this girl since Freshman Year. Always kind of had the “hots” for her…tried to get her into the sack a couple of times…but she always assured me to forget about it…telling me…

“I’ll sleep with you, when Hell freezes over”

This has been going on for years… well as fate would have it me and Tanya (that girl) were at a big party for Seniors last night and everybody got frigging blasted (including me and her)

And guess what…???.

Yup.  She did  me.

So I guess all this does really pertain to your question and a further starting revelation.

If she slept with me (which she did) then Hell must be frozen over and not excepting any more souls (proving Hell is Exothermic) and therefore now nonexistent.

So I guess this means there is only Heaven now. And proof of the existence of a Divine Being…

Which explains why Tanya keep shouting last night over and over….

 O My God !!!!!….O My God !!!!….O My God !!!!

                                                                                                                               -CyberStein 2007

(Author’s Disclaimer: The above is what is know as a “Found Po” meaning I ran across the source material for this vignette years ago some in the vast “Net/Grid-Void”….liked it, filed it, forgot about it and ran across in some “lost” papers till I found  it again. So I decided to re-work it w/ the VQ  treatment… shoot me….but remember: amateur’s borrow….geniuses (sic) steal !!!)


Adult Learner


She sits there

on a sunny, September muggy

Queens morning in a classroom

of a local Community College

learning about the ways she

might reinvent herself

and learn a new way to look

and live her life

which she gladly sacrificed

for the past twenty years

to raising her family

and running a home.


She sits there

excited and inspired

with the learning in the day

the lessons of the class

even though for most of her

adult life she has conducted

in the real world, not theory

but practical application

of every single principle

written on that blackboard

with hundreds of thousands

of dollars at stake in her job

of other peoples money.



She sits there this morning

while the vacuum cleaner

at home is coiled up and

closet silent.

The washer can be attended to by

other hands for a change.

And that is just for starters

most of those chores she usually

has done by midmorning…


Then the real work can begin.


The truth is?


The real work has begun….



The day she decided

to be a different person.


Looking to the future

the adult learner saw

an unhappy, half-dead, depressed person.

Too old before their time

and have nothing in life to look forward to.

Pissed off

Hung over.

Hating life.

Hating her own body.



Life was sad and over.


The one day she suddenly learned

all on her own…


It didn’t have to be this way


Only if you chose to

let it be that way.


So now she does her homework

Comes to class three days per week

after her full time job

squeezes in all the responsibilities

she always did for everyone.


The home, the family all those that count on her


Twice as much work

Three times the hustle and stress…


But a new world of ideas and possibilities

being born every hour spent

in that classroom where

she sits in this morning.

an adult learner.


                                                                                                     -CyberStein  2007

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