Reduced January half off damage sale…

January 2013-  

Pre C-Mas 2012 022 this oneDoes the Universe have a Sense of Humor?


Could we be all just a race of afflicted inbred half breed of alien offspring bastards

Abandoned by celestial beings with poor impulse control and even worse parenting skills ?

I always get confused here with the breakdown of gender roles.

Was it the males that were the evil devils while the females angelic life producers

Or was it the other way around.


Nobody calls it the old switcheroo and more.


Somehow that lost art of Lamp Chop preparation figures in here somewhere

But I’m confused about that as well…


But I suspect that recipe relates to the rather limited menu

Of our collective short brutal existence that reality is

Strictly au jus.


Or was that Judas a la cart……value priced at 30 pieces of Silver

(that about 25 bucks in today’s exchange rate)


But I do know a few things about life here on earth….for instance:


Bats always turn left when exiting a cave

Iguanas can and do commit suicide.

85 % of all life on this planet is plankton

While the snails reproductive organ is located in its head.

And if you want a toupee for your dog ?

You have to go to Tokyo and you’ll have to call for prices..

Latest quote is 1,999.79 Yen.


Meanwhile back in the states

History records that briefly during the American Revolution

There was a 3 dollar bill with the motto

 Exitus in Dubio

 Which translated means…

The outcome is in doubt.


Uncollected       6/2012


Lost/Found Fragments from 2012


 And there he goes-


And there goes

Driving off into a shaft of sunset…

The wrong way.


 In Your Shallow End of the Pool

 In ways perhaps

She will never fathom

That your love was

Just deep enough

For her to swim

Away from you in.


He thought….


 He thought he was

12 angry men in one guy.


But Problem was ?

none of them

were named

Henry Fonda


Just Ask The Romance Accident Reconstruction Team


 Our best advice to you in this instance

Is when you manage to drive away that one person

You once regarded as the love of your life ?

 Make it look like an accident.

Preferably their fault.


      How should you pitch in your Dreams ?


 Everyone should be considered Game 7

 And throwing a shut out

 Will never show up in

 Anybodies box score.


Stark Reality

                                                                                  -for Vivianna

 I have followed that Bitch without a niche

All around mid-town for years now

 You see her and I just

 Hit it off from the very first

 Without a snag or a hitch.

You see as it turned out

 We both are infected with

 The very same burning irritation

 at this fingernail-less world

 that couldn’t be bothered to reach or itch.

 And neither one of us had any desire to scratch

 Or be scratched….by fools and then dumped

  in their shallow sorry ass ditch.


Uncollected 2012



The Dybbuk Dreams


The Dybbuk Dreams

(live audio link)


Random-Harvest-(1942)---Ronald-Colman-773750It was in the first few nights of the New Year

when all promise and disaster were as unopened mail

that the past had a walk in his sleep.


The Dybbuk’s hands opened old draws

shuffled through forgotten pages

Pausing to repeat a line of a letter

here and there.


Ashes were stirred and long dormant old flames set free

to flicker. Then the night faces could dance once more.

Night faces coming back to visit shining

eyes to glow back into.


Another year rolling itself out like an immense black wing .

Your sleeping form swept along in this night flight,

those waking hours, now the specter, this was the soul

strolling hand in hand with the eternal freedom of

time asleep.


fog 3She walked once more upon the mores, in a chilly thick fog.

Here where she had always known that he waited for her

In between anger and consequences,

in this dream scape of quicksand recall where mushroomed

marsh islands of what might have been.


They both returned to this shadow realm of still photographs

hung and propped in the endless stark arms of winter.

Here where the past stood naked and true.

Both came with small hands grasping deep into the heart’s

pocket. Each visited at different points

along the dream curve, with separate dependencies and

versions of the same story.


They left messages here for each other.

The last word over and over. The promises of reconciliation

and forgiveness. The sensation they shared of never being

able to meet face to face again, outside of this place

of half light sand deep grey pools. Always to return to

the same beaten path, in the corner of the dream.

This place where the images of each other’s faces

in those frozen photos snared arrested looks

and eyes of love and delight that once were shared.


They both returned to this place, every so often

to get a face full and

look down at the others footprints

left in the path

from the night before.

Fog 2


-Another Rubber Eden   1/95


List of the End of January


(live audio link)

List of the end of January



 Snow coal cone lump ashtray pustule

shrinking in the corner of the parking lot.

(Ah….early spring)


Sound of clogged carburetor gagging on itself.


(Great…now you’ve flooded it)


Lost key trunk eye-hole with yellow handle

long nick Phillip screwdriver protruding.

(Nope that didn’t work either…keep swearing)


False dawn slapping wind banging away

slamming cheap tin bed frame freight train

ready to orgasm and derail.


Centipede shadow crawling measuring spoons

scurrying across the dingy white moon soaked linoleum floor

looking like a pool of quicksand.


Brown plastic garbage can rolling down the block

yawning in the gutter.


Air raid siren blast exploding

in a razor blade cable running through your ears

jerking your head off the sound sleep pillow.

(This was only a test)


Child’s dream speak night talk back lit in

orange dragon space heater steel teeth

hissing at the bars on the crib.

(Some childhood memories are best forgotten.)


Fresh crème of the New Year

curdling in the calendar’s carton.


Whose face is that on the side?


Another Rubber Eden  1/89


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