Sea Broncos Hawking

January 2014- Here comes the Beatnik Alien Super Bowl at last !

VQ Alien @ The Krama Lounge*






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Super Bowl XLVlll     (48)

(live Video Link)


When the New York/Jersey region

finally had Super Bowl 48 played in 2014

it was a remarkable, unforgettable event.


But not perhaps for the reasons

one might expect.


No one even remembers the final score.

Maybe that was because there wasn’t any.

Fact was the two top teams that

year never even took the field.


What happened instead was

a long lost batch of Alien in laws

showed up on Christmas Day

pissed off and indeed ready

for the big game.


They had their own specific plans for that.


First thing they did

was finish the holocaust

of the 20th century by

quickly wiping out every

single human being of

Jewish decent with

a blinding flash of light.


Seems one of more prominent aliens

was related to Jesus back in the day

and still held a grudge over the crucifixion.


After some debate the Aliens decided they

might as well do the same exact thing to

all the Christians while they were at it.


It was thought it would be a nice Christmas

present and they would all think it was finally

the Rapture at last.


Next they announced a new date for that year’s Super Bowl.


Was going to be rescheduled for New Years Day

Kick off time would remain the traditional 6 PM


Few changes in the format/line ups however.


This year the 80,000 plus seats would be

populated with every CEO of the worst

most reprehensible corporations on Earth.

All the worst worthless miserable bastards

would be compelled to attend.

It would be mandatory.

Just like the old Night Rallies in the Father Land.


Of course all the Major Media outlets

would be broadcasting

on all frequencies.


If it had a signal on earth.

It would be there.

And you would watch it.


One cherished tradition fell to the wayside however.

No clever 4,0 million per 30 second behavioral suggestions.

This spectacle would be commercial free.  


It was announced that this year

that every single Son of a Bitch CEO determined

to be guilty of murdering, polluting, decimating

plundering, exploiting, ravishing and in general

destroying the Aliens garden resort planet

was to be presented at mid-field

and vaporized instantly in a pillar

of fire and plume of smoke to be tinted

in the same exact uniform colors of their

favorite team.


(One of the aliens in charge of

entertainment details thought that was a nice touch

and downright funny.) 


The game (if you could call it that)

would last as long as it took to execute

every single “fan” in attendance.

Everyone in attendance was going

to have their ticket punched

till all 80,000+ seats were empty.



(On a side note all the concession stands

would be fully operational and totally free.)  


All networks would carry a live feed of the

empty stadium as a closing establishing shoot.


The Post Game Analysis

would be centered around

the game plan for earth

and its’ inhabitants

for the foreseeable future.


As of the Date  February 3rd 2014

The global thermostat for the

most populace regions of the planet

was going to be set at 70.

The environment had been cleaned up

and restored to roughly 17th Century conditions.

All weapons, from hand guns

to nukes no longer worked.

Bye-bye to internal composition engines.

All computer systems were going to

off line for a very, very long time.


As of this moment

all money was worthless

in fact it literally did now

burn a hole in your wallet.

It was combustible.


And then ?

mars-attacks-4 jpg

They just got back in their

shinny space ships

(they looked like over sized Ford Escalades)


and left….


without a further word.

 VQ Alien

Seems that one aged alien aunts

had to pee and she could only

go on Saturn.


Something to do with the rings.

iSaturn 1*

                                                   From Sometimes Grief       5/2010





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