August Poet MIA

August 2014- Selections from new collection Got Abstract? Pending-


Notice of Vacancy

*The Bar in your mind


This is to inform you that
The poet is not in at the moment.

We have no idea where he is
And if/when he will be back.

He could be out drinking somewhere
By himself in a place where nobody
Can get at him.

(He’s been doing that a lot lately)

Last we knew he expressed he was
Just out of words he thought mattered much anymore.
His images and sentiments ignored or
Just coolly appraised from afar without any passion.

It’s really starting to get to him.
He realizes fully well how little
This poetry matters most days.

If we hear from him
We will let you know.
But don’t expect too much
He doesn’t.

From –Got Abstract ? 2014


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