Abstract Fall in the House of Usher 2.0a

October update pending For the time being going to continue include selected works from the recently published work Got Abstract? as the seasons transition in collision transpire. More new work coming & retro related links in Past Tracks link on the home page.


Fall 1882


Chilly Kiss

(audi0 version from Quattro-Vov CD 2013)


In that first touch of coolness
that arrives in a chilly kiss
that reminds exposed flesh

Yes. I’m here again
with the touch of my lips
or my muddy boots.

So pucker up
or bend over
Because here it comes again.

Soon the colors will blossom and ignite
The fuse to a combustible conclusion.

But tonight
All that matters
in that grounded star
that crawls in the dirt
towards you
on its knees to you

I’m here again.


Hard Fall


Hard Fall 1   Didn’t someone
always take the Fall
so hard.

Fell so fast and flat
perhaps the season
mistook the faux-pas
resolute decision upon
mistake’s reflection
hapless in misdirection

Wherein the ear would hear
what the blind eye missing
after thinking
no more believing
that the door was
any longer

So astounded
So slammed shut
barely containing memory
of some many
entrances and exits.

Steel Panic Bar nights
in spring loaded hair triggers
only ever working
only ever releasing
frantic impulse and remorse
from the inside.

While on the other side
there was clearly posted
No entrance
This is not an exit.



Falling Shorts 2012

In Synesthesia

Three kinds of listening:

Wind chimes without a voice

The incomplete sentence of silence

Lexicon stripped of shivers

When did my delight

become a dead language ?

Cancelled Cooking Show

When someone has
really gotten deep
into your kitchen.

You’ll never find
that recipe again.


October is…..

October is what
you once said
to an empty door.

The Spider leaves home

These are our ghosts now
trapped like ashes
in an abandoned cobweb.
Remember we are not….

And he had this stiletto cackle
laugh like a manic trip hammer
Woody Woodpecker

Never be

Try to never be
a shitty thing to do

Say what you will
Do what you do
but if any that just means
washing your hands
to do what you had to ?

Try to never be
just another
shitty thing to do.

Bitten off

One might be wise to bear in mind
that all the hurt you have done
in appetite and menu
will someday return
to eat at you.

A nibble here.
a mouthful there
when you once bit off
more than you could chew

So just spit it all out.

But remember
the next time you are
really, really hungry
that hunger will return
to swallow you.


These Goddamn Gnats…..

In my face have me slapping at the air.
Clap on/ Clap off…………insects.


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