Just so you do remember May 2.0

May 2015- A sort of Po limbo here in the last week of May. The next update will appear the first week of June. Till then a few past tracks-


Red Flame 2Premonition

For the life of me
Thinking of it now
I still don’t know why or how
I consented to that
Did I really look into those eyes
And have to accept that cold harbor there ?

Such an empty space
To swallow you whole
With a semi-detached
Vapid congeniality

Welcome to the brave new world
Of vacuous superficiality
In the a safe public place
At a safe public time.

You have to wonder
Just why that was really necessary….

A limbo agreement
Just meeting to close the files perhaps.
That workshop counselor concept
of closure
with no disclosure.

A mutual shifting through the ashes
To perform the perceived ritual
To kiss the ass of a ghost goodbye.

Gauge the calculated distance
Smothering for sure
The last embers
Of every brilliant joy
Ever shared.

Sometimes Grief – barks up wrong the tree – 6/2012


Red Flame 5

Red Flame in the Rain



Mid town rain

 I was in a movie
In midtown that
Dreary rainy May Monday
Where the office girls
Hid under their umbrellas
Just back from lunch

In my big scene
I kissed one of them
On the sidewalk in a downpour
That cut loose the very second
We embraced.

I was in a movie
In midtown that
Dreary May Monday.

So kiss me in that noon rain
One last time
And the Angels crying till they laughed
Over us
Or laughing till they cried.

I dunno.
Maybe they were just taking a leak
And we happen to be in the way.

I was in Movie
In Midtown that dreary rainy Monday
Where the office girls
Hid under their umbrellas
Just back from lunch.

And if you happened by walking
And caught that scene
And did a little rubbernecking
Back at us.

Remember it.

Because we weren’t
Always just extras
And you should know

It was
It was….

Exactly what it looked like.

A red flame in the rain.

New Work from April 2015

Visible Sounds 2    *

Sonic Aquarium

Your April ears kissed kneel in noon genuflection
Resounding first Spring day full sunshine in warmth
Everything was exploding in concussions
The mad bird frenzy fucking/ building nests upon the motion
Lights over the garage like incubators
Engines roar bad exhaust pipes somewhere
in hot pursuit sirens wobble
Bells chime as a crow laughs
From down the block children shriek
The sidewalks echo in basketballs bouncing
Towards the courts net less orange hoop yawns
Your April ears kissed knelt in noon genuflection
Submersing you in the bottom of a sonic aquarium

Anti Social Media

Once in awhile it seemed when the seasons sliced change
She would wake up around 3am in her bedroom hot flash stuffy
Then sweaty sheets did this damp chill soak
Thinking just why in hell she ever let him
Video tape the two of them years ago doing it.

My god-how many times ?
Once was too much
But dozens were more like it.

She had heard the horror stories
From some of her girlfriends
About how their ex-lovers had
Posted clips of some of their most intimate moments
On some amateur porn site
Devoted to revenge.
She dismissed the idea
Thinking he wouldn’t do that
And eventually fall back asleep.

In the morning at work
Before anybody else was in at the office yet.
She would Google all related websites
Featuring that sort of filthy vendetta
Skimming searching for him & her

But all she ever saw was just blurry strangers fucking.

After all of this time
She still couldn’t get these thoughts
Of them out of her head.

That bastard- she thought.
He knew exactly where to post it.

April Shorts 2015

Genderizing Kafka

Ok look-
Have your way-
He never fell under the bed one night
And woke up a monstrous vermin
She did instead
Turned up as a lady bug

Of course they all still loved her

But the family-
Did better anyway


Your Frozen Rope

Of silence
Ended up a lasso
in the center of a halo.


What did he say?

And he pursed his lips
Smirking like a rat’s ass sideways
and said…..

The Vindictive Proof Reader

When’s the last time
You looked a painting
And in triumphant satisfaction
Dismissed the work
Glibly stating
That’s spelled wrong

What Kind of guy was he? 5.0

If I have to go to hell
On a train?
You could only hope he wasn’t the conductor.

Am I out of Costume?

She glared at him
And spat
Don’t be insolent
He shrugged
I was going for obstinate.

Who derailed you?

So you can stop giving the look
Like I was the engineer.


Beat Poetry Horse Race

Well hello there beat poetry race fans
Welcome to the 5th race at Bukowski Downs
It’s been raining cats & dogs & angel headed hipsters since dawn
And the track is sloppy.
There at the post
There’s the bell

At the gate IMG_1959 (2)

And there off !

Cryptic stranger is strong off the line
With sentimental tripe on his heels
Followed by Pretentious Prose
Rounding out the top three.
While Cosmic Babble
Humorless Despair and Bargain Basement Bathos
Is in hot pursuit in the second tier.

In the middle of pack
Grey beard confusion
Suicide Blond
Ethnic disaster
And Gender Axe to Grind

Bringing up the rear
Iambic Pentameter Masturbater
Drunken Rant
Colon Cacophony

Around the 1st turn

Cryptic Stranger is holding by 2 lengths
Pretentious Prose & Sentimental Tripe
Are neck and neck
Gary bread confusion wants the outside lane
While Suicide Blonde is deciding if she wants
To fuck him after the race.
Humorless Despair is dropping back
Cosmic Babble seems confused
Bargain Basement Bathos has started to weep.
Gender Axe to Grind & Ethnic Disaster
Trade places and vendettas

At the halfway point now

The pack is starting to spread

Cryptic Stranger still holding his own
Pretentious Prose & Sentimental Tripe
Are losing focus and fading out of the top three
While Cosmic Babble seems poised to make a move

Iambic Pentameter Masturbater beats it
Drunken Rant has gone to the whip
& Colon Cacophony refuses to quit.

On the last turn now
Headed towards the finish line

Cryptic Stranger has opened up a lead to four lengths
Cosmic Babble has a lane on the outside
Humorless Despair now slips into the 3 spot

And here comes Colon Cacophony out of nowhere

Down to the Wire Now

And it’s the Cryptic Stranger running out of gas
With Cosmic Babble on his heels
Coming strong Humorless Despair

This going down to the wire
Going to be a photo finish


And it’s Colon Cacophony by an Anus !

Please hold all tickets
Till the official results have been posted by a literary agent on the board.

                          – Vincent Quatroche  4/15

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