Maybe So 2.0

May 2016-  New works pending


Time pass 1

Type Rope

OK settle down now

and face the page

after a long day

of confronting all those faces

you just didn’t have either the heart

or the patience to listen

to anybody’s rehash

of just one more word

over the noise

over the boys club

numbing boozing sameness.


No instead

you bailed

to see this instead.

Get a cold one into your hand

and review the inscription

on the small of her back

with the shoulders

expressly pointed

in the other direction.


We are dancing

naked on a tight rope

everyday brings

the prospect

of  chance to fall


And just get a fresh costume

from wardrobe.

Gridville 2004


imagesDon’t Ask


Never ask when

what you know all ready

Your thoughts may escape

but you won’t.

Words might fly off the handle

but not far enough to be heard

either distinctly or accurately.


Drama is never

in short supply

in this stage flat world.


But good scripts

are at a premium

while eager bad actors abound.


If you don’t know your own lines

any better than anyone else ?

Don’t ask.

From Sometimes Grief 2012

Back Fence Neighbors

    (for Minnie)

Saw my next store neighbor

in the adjacent yard over

the fence between us on a

May evening and of course

I said hi and she asked how

I was doing

and I replied

shrugging ok…I guess

and she said you guess ?

Yeah I went

most people when asked either

brag or complain

or worse yet ?


They explain.

Sometimes Grief 2012


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