Was it a March or a Drag ? 3.0

March 2019- After one look at this planet any visitor from outer space would say ‘I want to see the manager.”

William S. Burroughs, The Adding Machine: Selected Essay

Narration/text composition/arrangement- Vincent Quatroche   Image association-Kayla Cunningham  Cuica- John Stratton


Daylight Stealing Time

 So we lose a little time

in the wee hours tonight

We steal the hour here.

Conspire to hide.


O Please don’t wonder where.



Squirrel away an hour in secret

Pull backwards at the hands of the clock face.

Tick along with me.


Let’s make the red finger talk

as it passes us by again and again.


Tonight we turn back time

Won’t you turn back some time with me.

Like crisp clean chilly starched sheets.

Peel away the day

and slip in between.


Won’t you turn your back on some time with me

upon that maybe once perhaps we just might agree.


We might steal that time

hide in the lost hour

put it away somewhere

where they’ll never find it

never even miss it.


In the cool clear evening

after all the daylights busy color has faded

and all that is left is just us

clearly a jail break

a common escape

is in progress.


I hear sirens in the distance.

I see sirens in your eyes

They report an all points bulletin.

The authorities are baffled.

As we speak

Roadblocks are being planned.


Officers will produce snapshots

of our expired images

The ones we once looked like then

in the silence of the hours

we stole.


Our crime

is public knowledge.

The purpose of the theft

was always open

to common conjecture.

The motive attributed

to persistent desire.


It is after all

the only clues

we will leave them with

even if

our fingerprints

are all over each other.

After we are all over everything.


Won’t you turn your back

on some time with me

upon that maybe

just once perhaps we might agree.


To get away with

one secret perfect crime.


                                        – Greetings from Gridville  2005


Where the Blue Miracles March

I stepped into this light once.

Like a blue print dance floor

All the steps laid out for you

Cha Cha Cha


All the future in the world

Denoted in foot Notes



-Uncollected 2/2019


Lost March Marbles

When you finally lost

Your marbles in March

There were these knowing looks

All around.


The rules are unavailable at this time.

As were scouting reports, rumor or conjecture

While all this then is just memory on the March

All heel toe retreat cringing in seasonal lecture.


The rules are still unavailable at this time.


The iris in your cat’s eyes lost

Looking in other mirrors

Small round and ultimately

Quite manipulative.


While at once some forgotten name

Is merely a marginally interesting game


So you’re left thinking

about more marbles

lost in the March

and just few of their names:


Ade, Beach ball, Lutz, Oliy

Onion Skin, Oxblood opaque

Plastic plaster China toothpaste turtle

Steely Mica swirly Sulpinde


So it’s down the Bunny Hole

I’m afraid with you then without a kiss

And just what game will it be next tonight ?

Knuckle Down Keepies or Quitsies


So you show them all

There Tiger.

-Got Abstract 2014



Throughout the day

mercy’s flame

flickered in the March

wind shaking

a fist in every face

rattled every locked door

in windows beating

cracking glass

calling out by name

all those who would

extinguish mercy’s flame.


Locked out from the inside

Locked in from the outside.


Did any of that matter

in the least now ?


Throughout the night

now barely illuminated

faded Mercy’s flame

March winds beyond

the touch to not even


to combust dying embers

with sleepy red eyes

back to life.




March was trying all the locks

the gust could muster

nothing was intended

to be allowed

to come back

to life here.


Throughout the years

now neither warmth

nor hope

still smolder

in a place


dark rings of scorched memory

reduced to white fine ash

to be blown away.


In the wind that March locks


a fist in every face

rattling every locked door

in windows beating

cracking glass

calling out by name

all those who would

extinguish mercy’s flame.

– Got Abstract 2014


Seeing Eye Ear CD- Locks/Mercy’s Flame audio version (reissue Summer 2019)

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