May would never Say-

May 2019- New work from Q-Bop City (Published 7/2019)

April Shorts

Genderizing Kafka

Ok look-

Have your way-

He never fell under the bed one night

And woke up a monstrous vermin

She did instead

Turned up as a lady bug

And the family


Did better.


Your Frozen Rope

Of silence

Ending up a lasso

 In the center of a halo.



What did he say?

And he pursed his lips

Smirking like a rats’ ass sideways

and said…..


The Vindictive Proof Reader

When’s the last time

You looked a painting

And in triumphant satisfaction

Dismissed the work

Glibly stating

That’s spelled wrong 


Am I out of Costume?

She glared at him

And spat

Don’t be insolent

He shrugged


I was going for obstinate.


Who derailed you?

So you can stop giving that look

Like I was the engineer

Of your latest train wreck.


Literary Crime Scene

I write these flawed poems with typos and mistakes

In the shape of orange accident cones and if you want

To understand them?

You’ll just have to cross the yellow tape

And take your chances.


Substance Abuse Diagnoses

 She looked at him with clear disgust and said

You realize of course you are rife with multiple addictions

He replied- Well perhaps

But I like to think of myself well rounded in that regard

And BTW I’d appreciate if you would lay off my hobbies.


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