September will remind you 2.0

September 2019 –  Falling Shorts    2012

In Synesthesia

Three kinds of listening:

Wind chimes without a voice

The incomplete sentence of silence

Lexicon stripped of shivers

When did my delight

become a dead language ?



Cancelled Cooking Show

When someone has

really gotten deep

into your kitchen.


You’ll never find

that recipe again.


October is…..

October is what

you once said

to an empty door.



The Spider leaves home

These are our ghosts now

trapped like ashes

in an abandoned cobweb.


Remember we are not….

And he had this stiletto cackle

laugh like a manic trip hammer

Woody Woodpecker


Never be

Try to never be

a shitty thing to do


Say what you will

Do what you do

but if any that just means

washing your hands

to do what you had to ?


Try to never be

just another

shitty thing to do.


Bitten off

One might be wise to bear in mind

that all the hurt you have done

in appetite and menu

will someday return

to eat at you.


A nibble here.

a mouthful there

when you once bit off

more you could chew

-Got Abstract ? 2014


Saying Grace in Rocco’s Castle

When your infected

with color

images burn all night

no escape, intermission

or respite.


Twenty years ago I heard it

bent to a purple ear.

He was the handsomest man

you had ever seen.

Errol Flynn living down at the wharf.

You made him laugh so hard

in that afternoon at the café.

His boat moored upon the bay

where you tossed your beret

away at midnight.



you sit in a pool of neon

right next to the door

and in the light and silence

you get a breather

and ponder which hope

you’ll drown first tonight.


Outside the winter moon

slices off a kiss to February

as if to say

you’d be better

off to forget

what you can

while you can.


All the things that you

have always persisted on

insisted upon

have uniformly

disappointed and deserted you.


In here the floor plan

issues enough elbow room

for you to reconsider

that cardboard partition

you count on to hold court

between all your illusive delusions

and that running gag

that doubles as your memory.


-Attitude House 2001


and yet the wheel turns again- October only a matter of time and the days are sneaking by you


Pull in the soften light

as October nears neigh

a new moon across the sky

in the next street over

hear where your absence

passes aspiration in a blur

of newer older days where

Fall emerges fresh

in still born green leaves

patches of watercolor encroach

like your temples gray

Turning away from the truth

the days are sneaking years by you

diminishing the sight

stiffening the limb

Time winding you down

ebbing your energy

singing in the empty driveway

the vehicle of your flesh

is late

and growing later all the while

so I still strain to hear the sounds

I need to

while resisting the same I’m forced

to endure

the terrible ticking of the now

in my ears

A sound I find

I cannot refuse or resist.

-Greetings From Gridville   10/09



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