February is a Short Dog Typo

February 2020 New Work

 Narcissus Echo

(For M A O’Hara)

They were home in bed after an evening out for dinner and drinks that had progressively

Degenerated in the sullen silence now between them. He didn’t know it yet but this

Affair was having its walking papers being processed,

After he had some observation about how lousy the restaurant she had picked for

them. She sat up and shook her head saying- You are some Narcissus-

He had heard all this before- a kind of default negative character assignment when

His relationships were going south. Usually he just let it go- but not tonight.

They had the following exchange

So if I’m Narcissus do you know what that makes you who ?

Who ?

Narcissus/ girlfriend Echo

Echo ?

Yup. Not only that but everybody seems to have him pegged, but very few seem

To know anything who she was

Who She was ?

Echo was a very good looking Wood Nymph. She had one annoying characteristic

However she was bather mouth- would talk the ear off anyone she met.

So one day Zeus has come down from Olympus to frolic and knock off a few

Stray Nymph’s in the woods. His wife Hera (also known as June) was very aware

Of her husband’s salacious hobbies on earth and followed him to catch the old lech

In the act of his indiscretions and she might caught him too….but she happened to

Run into Echo. As you can imagine Echo wanted to talk to the Godness about everything.

She ran a blue streak babble detaining Hera’s pursuit of her wayward husband, Zeus seeing

What was going on escaped clean away back to Olympus.

Later on Hera figured out that Echo had perhaps purposely distracted her. She was pissed.

So Hera took away Echo’s voice and pronounced from now Echo could only repeat

The last words spoken to her. So in one respect Echo would have the last word forever.

A rather ignominious gift to round out the punishment.

So Echo is wandering the woods on that day and sees young Narcissus a rather spoiled very

Good looking teenager out hunting with the boys. Now all the other Wood Nymphs thought

Our boy was to die for- But he wanted none it.

Now Echo sees Narcissus and goes nuts. She wants this beefcake in the worst way.

But she can’t speak to him first. She starts stalking him. He gradually becomes aware

Of this and is kind of creeped out- and he yells out go away beat it and of the course she hears back

Go away beat it. This goes on for awhile till Echo can’t stand it anymore. She sneaks up

Behind Narcissus and knocks him flat and straddles him. Her intentions are very clear.

No Dice. Old Narcissus isn’t into this sort of thing. Yells at her I would rather die than

You have me. Echo humiliated in tears replies Have me.

Echo continues to follow him till he comes to that pool of water. (which was created by the

Gods to punish this rather vain teenager). Truth was Narcissus wasn’t very bright to begin with

Anyway. His birth and been as questionable as Echoes- (but that’s another story) A Seer named

Teiresias had told his mom (Blue Nymph) that her stunning son would be ok only if he never

Knew himself, Get it ? The stupid bastard probably never knew it was his reflection in the

Pool. So you might know the rest by now- Narcissus withered away and died because of a lost love and Echo did as well a few feet away pinning away for him.

Back in the bedroom she was getting dressed getting to leave and said

Well that stupid story proves my perfectly- Our relationship has some very serious issues and rather discussing that you tell me that stupid story where you actually defend and try to justify that guy – no wonder you spend most of your day when you aren’t working watching Porn and drinking beer.

Know what ? You are Narcissus and  you can forget that bullshit about Echo/

I know what I want-and that’s not you– Goodbye Baby-

He shrugged as she walked out the door and called after her Goodbye Baby


Uncollected 2019/2020

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