Of Short Dogs & Ground Hogs

February 2021- And Jello

What Color you want tonight ?

What you need to do

(-while listening to Miles Davis

 on a late January Sunday afternoon)

1st off

Boil some water

You’ll need it

To make some purple Jello

(remember to stir thoroughly)


Get out

That cold extra rare roast

Beef left over in refrigerator

From last night

And a couple of big eyes

Swiss cheese slices

Slice the RB thin

On the wooden cutting board

Then paint Pollock

With juice red blood

Seeing all the faces your father

Taught you to spot

As a kid.

Terrible Now

Crack a cold Miller High Life

Get on the Camel

And step back

Frank O’Hara

Might have said-

He wrote in Soy Sauce

All Horse Reddish

3/20 updated 2/6/22

Six more weeks of Mutts ?

You on Ice


So I’m sitting out in the garage again
having another nervous breakdown
in black and white February Sunday
afternoon and it’s all pretty boring
and there is sound of dripping icicles
from the roof that having dagger like
razor teeth grinning at your emotional
illness and sweating drop after drop
of Crocodile tears that nobody is buying.

So I’m sitting out in the garage again
having the same nervous break down
using the snow banks outside the side door
as beer refrigerators. Each tall neck bottle
loaded in a snow cone slot like a 12 ounce
ordinance on ice.

So I’m stilling out in the garage again
trying to out run another nervous breakdown
by retrieving and detonating the barley grenade
while the snow clings like white wire filings
of cotton to the neck on the bottle.

That’s the good thing about
having another nervous breakdown
while sitting out in the garage on
a black and white February Sunday afternoon.

No need to buy ice to keep the beer cold.
And you too.

You on Ice.

                         -Sometime Grief 2012


Heart Attack Snow


Shovel by shovel
load after load
that heavy white
icy mush
adds up
and then one morning
you take another scoop
to drop at the curb
and the weight just
tips the scales
to unbalance
between what you thought you could still do
and just what that thought is going to cost you.

So like a switch with a short
or light bulb whose time
has come to black out.

You do.
Your current over-amps
that runs your engine
clogs, gags
and down you go into the snow
then somebody shovels you up
and drops you at the curb.

-Sometimes Grief 2012


2 responses

  1. Yeserree! don’t forget to suit up, or your toes will get cold.


    January 30, 2022 at 11:15 pm

  2. Cedric

    Your heart like a shadow halo echo- let’s work on our next collaboration. Have an idea about another direction.


    January 31, 2022 at 1:38 am

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