Hearing June 6.0

June 2014-   Summer Solstice 2014


Summer Soul 1

1st Day of Summer


Solstice scimitar shaft
Slicing search torch
Gleaming longest burn
briefest pinnacle of light
declining seconds after
a descent commences….

The shadows start their
Encroaching erosion

Learn that lesson
From those who would
Build their world
On your ashes.

Uncollected 2013


Pearls and Roses

Pearls & roses 2Jupiter’s wife
Juno visited me
again last Saturday
night after I had
watched my youngest
flower maiden daughter
dance on her season’s stage
parting curtains


of light and music shattering me with the graceful beauty of her youth and emerging womanhood.

DSCF4132 this oneAnd I was saddened beyond words.
Every evening in June
burns like a single stick
match struck against
the balance left in the hours
box calendar clock.
So when Juno showed
up around Midnight and
asked me if I wanted to
follow her and dance
in a voice composed
of pearls and roses
Of course I followed her
out of the darkened bedroom
toward the descending
only she bid me to
step up off
into the air


And for Juno blinding my eyes with moonlight
and for Juno singing pearls and roses into my ears

I never could refuse her.

I dream walked
on an invisible plank
into the June night
and fell as hard and sure
as any man can and still
get back up
and write about it.

And it’s been this way
between her and I
my entire life
and this last time ?
For the record ?

I took such an ass kicking
that it took me a full month
to recover.

Still she calls my name
every year in June
and I have to follow.

Even if I fall to
break my heart
brake my neck.
Braking everything
but my fall.
I don’t care.

Pearls & roses 1

The only thing I would ask Juno
is don’t ever leave me.
Please keep visiting me
blinding my eyes with moonlight
singing pearls and roses into my ears
and on that next June night
in this our month
When you call my name
could you catch me in your arms
the next time I leap
towards you
and gather my body in your embrace
and take me away with you.


From The Terrible Now 6/08


In Sonic Embrace 


Curtains in the wind*

(audio version from CD Quattro-Vox 2013)



June splits open
cleanly down the middle
of herself in the bedroom
just after the grayest
faint whisper that
Dawn could muster
into the folds of
curtains setting sail.

Windows wide open
to allow the night out
and perhaps the morning in.

I stirred from my dream
just enough to perceive
the bedroom awash
in a sonic embrace.

Pinpoints of color
Cartwheel in motion
to swaying trees tops
rocking in the yard below.

The respirator of late Spring
laboring in a rush
of the moisture
laden air awash
hissing in soft exhale.

Then there’s the sound
of a passing freight train.
There’s always that sound
somewhere around this
middle time of June.

In the sonic embrace
bleeding all over your face
pouring into your ears.
fans twirl in slow
languid circle overhead
Fans much more busy
buzzing at the foot of the bed.

June escapes me
as you do here.

My half-dream wakes
me in this first light.
The sonic embrace of false

Between the two of you
Between the two of you
I just don’t know
what I will ever do.

June splits open
cleanly down the middle
of herself in the bedroom
just after the grayest
faint whisper that
Dawn could muster
into the folds of
curtains setting sail.

From Gridville 6/04



Bushwick 2

I promise to keep your photo on the dresser


Another month blooms
from inside itself to life
May June July
as flower explosions
scent the time sky
while memory invoked
moments seeded in youth
Sunrises with snow white
air born cotton fibers
Dawns with a high full moon
still hanging in the blue sky
leftover midnight @ dawn
May June July.
Another month blooms
from inside itself to life.

You once yourself
did as much
to awaken in rebirth
on either coast strange or familiar bed
with a yellow light streaking through
custard bedroom curtains
spilling on and firing the ivory of the sheets.
untroubled by any horizon of doubt
from the meridian of the coming day.

Her arms reached for you
while a picture of someone else
sat planted eyeless on the dresser watching
you moving from the small of her back
into that coal shock blackness
of her wild thatched hair
cascading on to her shoulders
bodies entwined rising from the mattress
singing into each others ears.

 from Gridville 7/03


Dwindling Shadows of June

June Shadow 1

(Audio version from the CD Quatro-Vox 2013)


In the dwindling shadows of June
dancing in her
twilight skirt
gushing vermilion liquid
time is like a broken
Capillarity in the calendars
main line artery.
You can’t hope to contain
any of the torrent
Just drown maybe baby
Because the
big drain is on
You can feel the pull
you can feel the life
leave you
ever closer to
the finish
Not some abstract
intellectual property
but a cold hard tangible reality.
Your ebbing confidence
in a narrow shallow vision
in the past semi-protected
you from the harsh truth
from too much disappointment
There are no prospects
for replenishment here
This dissipation bathed
in spectacular warm light
is waning
the dissipation grows in the encroaching shadows
and takes
what was given
in the finite
while what is being
taken away

Sometimes Grief 2012


October Sings in June

long shadows


(Audio version from the CD Quatro-Vox 2013)


The October Madness


Pull in the soften light
as October nears past
a new moon across the sky
in the next street over
hear where your absence
passes aspiration in a blur
of newer older days where
Fall emerges fresh
in still born green leaves
patches of watercolor encroach
like your temples gray
Turning away from the truth
the days are sneaking years by you
diminishing the sight
stiffening the limb
Time winding you down
ebbing your energy
singing in the empty driveway
the vehicle of your flesh
is late
and growing later all the while
so I still strain to hear the sounds
I need to
while resisting the same I’m forced
to endure
the terrible ticking of the now
in my ears
A sound I find
I cannot refuse or resist.

-Sometimes Grief 2012



DSCF4107 this one






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His B-Day


I was born into the season

of the longest light

left in the sky.

Consider the soft order

you were brought home into

taken upstairs to a corner flat

over a hardware store.

There was a radio on top of the refrigerator.

All his records, paintings and matinees

Nana’s kitchen just down the other end of town.

There was the smell of the docks and bays

All that salt and tides twice a day.

First memory:

A fire in the shipyard at night.

In his strong arms

Her eyes full of concern

Laughter and beer and smoke

as you were gently passed around

all about

the green and red patio

as the twilight lingered

reluctant to fade.

-Attitude House 2001

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