White Trash Fireworks 1.0

July 2014-   Now where did I put those sparklers ?


Co-Dependence Day

July 4 2*

July 4th afternoon
The grill is on
And it’s been beer after beer after beer after beer.

Old dogs and their cheese burger bitches
Barbecue those dishes

to the oldies on the radio

While they lurch looking at the
Bottom of a bottle holiday

They regale some illusion of
Freedom, youth or lucidity

Your pick here

Bulge the blue veins in stubby cut offs
Resound in male pattern baldness
Beer guts and semi-congenial

July 4 1

While in the kitchen
Fat broads blather gossip
And shoot dirty looks
towards the only
one that still has her figure
And a history.

July 4  3jpgThey all secretly envy.

Uncollected 7/2014


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