July Stood and Delivered

July 2018New work from pending publication of the next book Q- Bop City published in August


Swinging for the Fences in Q-Bop City


Of Odds & Pitch Counts

Some people are born

With two strikes on them

Others start out with the count 3 and 0

And go through life

Always content to just take that walk

While the former keep swinging at one in the dirt.


If Only


If you could only

just write one poem

that sounded like

Ben Webster’s

Tenor Saxophone

Then maybe

somebody might

listen to you.


I bet infinity

is just endless talk

or worse yet….



Burning June

Each June sunset

burns like a stick match

struck against balance

left in the calendar box.

Right now I’ve got 27 left.

But who’s counting ?

I am.


How the West was Lost


Have we all really merely become a race

Of distracted cyber pioneers

Too embarrassed to admit

All that we never knew

Remembering the trivial

Forgetting the essential.


Hearing Aide


Received a postcard in the mail yesterday

Offering either an agnostic apostle

Or generic prosthesis-

And I didn’t hear a thing.


Fuck Waste Book


Listen here

You can just skip the Like Box

And the dislike Box

Heading straight for the

I don’t give a shit Box.

  Q-Bop City 2018


Walter Matthau’s Hat

Now I have this ratty, worn, ancient NY Mets hat that I practically live in around the house.

Would wager I have done everything a man can do in it.

Sometimes I forget it’s even on my head and wear it out in public.

So I’m in the local Save-a-Lot yesterday morning over in the meat section.

Looking over the turkey parts and out of the corner of my eye I notice this

Guy in a crisp impeccable pristine Yankees cap over near the chicken livers

Shaking his head and smirking at me with a bemused condescending vibe.

So I saunter down to the pork chops and keep shooting him looks until

He has to directly acknowledge me and he says in a snide sarcastic


So……You’re a Mets fan  


I deadpan him with this innocent pokerfaced and reply matter of factly…

O you mean this hat ?  Nah I’m a Walter Matthau fan- You know that movie

From 68 called the Odd Couple ? Well he appears in a number of scenes with

This very Mets hat. I got this on E-Bay years ago-cheap- surprisingly they

Say it’s worth a quite a lot of money now.


Of course now dude in the Yankees cap seems interested and rather impressed.

You could see the dollar signs lighting up his eyes.

And he goes….really?


Sure- been thinking about putting it back up for bid soon- should pay for my Daughters tuition

At college for a couple of semesters…


Abruptly ending the conversation… Tipping my hat to him walking away

Mumbling under my breath.  So who’s on First ? You dipshit….

Q- Bop City 6/2018

More selections in August Po of the Month


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