July Summer Films 2.0

July 2018- New work from pending publication of the next book Q- Bop City -coming in August

Walter Matthau’s Hat

Now I have this ratty, worn, ancient NY Mets hat that I practically live in around the house.

Would wager I have done everything a man can do in it.

Sometimes I forget it’s even on my head and wear it out in public.

So I’m in the local Save-a-Lot yesterday morning over in the meat section.

Looking over the turkey parts and out of the corner of my eye I notice this

Guy in a crisp impeccable pristine Yankees cap over near the chicken livers

Shaking his head and smirking at me with a bemused condescending vibe.

So I saunter down to the pork chops and keep shooting him looks until

He has to directly acknowledge me and he says in a snide sarcastic


So……You’re a Mets fan  


I deadpan him with this innocent pokerfaced and reply matter of factly…

O you mean this hat ?  Nah I’m a Walter Matthau fan- You know that movie

From 68 called the Odd Couple ? Well he appears in a number of scenes with

This very Mets hat. I got this on E-Bay years ago-cheap- surprisingly they

Say it’s worth a quite a lot of money now.


Of course now dude in the Yankees cap seems interested and rather impressed.

You could see the dollar signs lighting up his eyes.

And he goes….really?


Sure- been thinking about putting it back up for bid soon- should pay for my Daughters tuition

At college for a couple of semesters…


Abruptly ending the conversation… Tipping my hat to him walking away

Mumbling under my breath.  So who’s on First ? You dipshit….

Q- Bop City 6/2018

Updated later in the week the All Star Break Po- Traditional

Matinee Idol


There isn’t any true in me

I’m just a matinee idol

on a July afternoon

hot outside

in the cool dark

shadows of illusion

I’m Technicolor lush.


I’m beloved.

I disappoint.

I endure

I abandon

my audience

likes to watch

from the safe

distance in the seats.


But it’s my ass

plastered up on the silver screen

forced to play roles

I neither asked for

or ever wanted.


And I’m just a walk on here

not the leading man

merely a character actor

made of dreams and sand

like rising smoke curls

in the projectors white beam.


So roll the credits

and look briefly

for the momentary flash

of my name

my role

my brief hour on your stage.


There isn’t any true in me.

I’m just a Matinee Idol.



Red Flame in the Rain


I was in a movie

In midtown that

Dreary rainy Monday

Where the office girls

Hid under their umbrellas

Just back from lunch


In my big scene

I kissed one of them

On the sidewalk in a downpour

That cut loose the very second

We embraced.


I was in a movie

In midtown that day.


So kiss me in that May rain

One last time

And the Angels crying till they laughed

Over us

Or laughing till they cried.


I dunno.

Maybe they were just taking a leak

And we happened to be in underneath.


I was in a Movie

In Midtown that dreary rainy Monday

Where the office girls

Hid under their umbrellas

Just back from lunch.


And if you happened by walking

And caught that scene

And did a little rubbernecking

Back at us.


Remember it.


Because we weren’t

Always just extras

And you should know


It was

It was….


Exactly what it looked like.


A red flame in the rain.




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