September in Q-Bop City 3.0

September 2018- Selections from recent collection of Po Prose Short stories published July 2018


Remembering Echinacea

They said on the package

These seeds are for the Fall

Where this old poem reverberates

In the dirt dreaming of flowers

Out of season. 


Hear these lines

In the voice in your head

Cross threaded counter clock wise guy

Always just dim enough to try

And get the lid back on the jar.


Pandora would be so proud

To think a cyber citizen of the Terrible Now

Might still let loose holy hell

In this numb estrangement night

With a keystroke choke hold.


Blossom there you Moron

Your persistence of memory

Where they dug all their seeds in you

Only to disappear like a melted stop watch

Before they ever had the chance to bloom.

Q- Bop City 7/18

Sound Light 

And then the sun went

Behind the clouds

Mid-afternoon on a

Mild late September Sunday.


McCoy Tyner played

West Philly Tone Poem

On the radio.


Somewhere in the next yard


A crow had a good hard



The colors in here are trying

To embrace me.

Console and soften

A hard edged truth

About loss and remorse.


As a freight high balled

At the grade on the mainline

Next block over

While the engineer

This time didn’t hit the horn

Three times as he usually did

But I distinctly heard

A voice say

Your time is coming.

    Q-Bop City 7/18

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