June turns the page-

June 2020 –  End of the month update pending-info on next Book in July-


Narration/text composition/arrangement- Vincent Quatroche

Image association – Kayla Cunningham

Acoustic Piano – Matt Wiggers

Sound realization Dan Berggren

2020 Shorts


(for Leo Gorcey aka Terence Aloysius ‘Slip’ Mahoney)

-looks if youse guys are gonna sing

Would you mind trying to that in Venison ?


Sure- it might happen

But then it would be anti-climate


You Nose youse guys have gotten

Pretty used to using me as an escape goat


Well from the looks of youse

I would ascertain you’ve been on Gullibles Travels


Terrible now I find dis de-Lama

Rather interplanetary and need

To try and figure out just what

The big de-Lama is



It’s pretty oblivious

What happened.


Special Occasion Designation Nation


This year I was thinking

I just might re-gift

Some of my Rescue dog Poetry

For you-



My Career in Porn



Briefly back in the 70s


I was a stunt Dick


Later in life

I did the voice-overs

For when they forgot

Their lines


Behind your Mask

Some days

We look at others

Through ugly eyes

And hear them

In dirty ears.

Uncollected 3/20


The Girl from Podunk

-circa 1973


Danced on the horse shoe bar in bare feet

In Mitchell’s that Tuesday night and hiked

Up her black skirt and red petticoat

To mid thigh grinning figure 8s down

At the locals who were going nuts

And she couldn’t buy a drink

For the rest of the evening.


Towards closing time

She picked me out like a face in the crowd

And took me out back

To the waterfront harbor docks

On a splintered stringer straddled me

Locking our eyes she said

While sadly shaking her head

Hovering above with that long black curly hair

Falling on my face like theater curtains

Opening like at the start of a movie about

All the years I had yet to live and understand

just what Lucinda meant by telling me.

No…no…not you…my good man

Uncollected 20202

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