July Gridville Fricassee Au Jus

July 2020- Selections from the July release Retread Rubbereden 2020 forth coming – 

Right Terrible Now at first glance

Behind your Mask 2020

In Dragon Speak

These days

We look at others

Through ugly eyes

And hear them

In dirty ears.

And terrible now

We seldom see anybody’s face

Anymore just the same ole

Adverted glance and distance

Social prophylactics protocol

Six feet apart above or under the grave.


Those days of wine and roses, you thinking going

creating custom voice commands for text and graphics

editor to flawed commands based on

Larynx Malapropisms

to be able to work on certain angles

the collection of memory

wild intangibles

A Plague on their own-

-for V Wolfe & Emily D

Emily preferred to stay home anyway

While Virginia driven besides herself

To the Shelters in the underground

As the bombs fell.

How quickly the moment passes

As the bottle swings in a few

people that should be lightning bolts

like they strike you


when you least expect it to that matter

with those that return to you hopefully sans empties

ignoring thunder


East 7th street



No beer at the Coal Yard

No Pizza at Iggy’s

That blessed Cheeseburger

At Paul’s

Not a chance.

Gone with Wind

Like it was axed from HBO


Who was that person who took one you once

to where you always wanted to be  ?

on the page

on the sidewalk

like so much unbridled heart gift

with a voice that has a mind of its own

So is it ?

polarized time

polarized time pulverized after the fact

every third word repeats the code

as a virus for Iris

when here in this terrible now

we measure our steps

in coffee spoons

March in place

Treading water

Into mud

Wishing for fins

Or at least gills

While all the dirt of the earth

Fails to support us as top soil

Until the finish

When we return.

So just maybe he is reminding you slowly still in the terrible now

not making much sense in Newspeak

Grief is done

barking up the wrong tree

We  have done our time

paid pretty good respectively

I still think you all got off

rather mercifully.

But I didn’t

Perhaps it was those both barrels at once

I lost my old man and you in the same month

I stood and took it

At that time you were strong and weak

as the flesh and spirit are bound to be

Yes the sails shredded

Rutter shattered

the tide came and went

leaving us just a couple of extinguished red flames in the rain

thinking of that day

When we never had the guts or heart

To say it to each other-

face to face to end our dance

without the mask

when we still had the chance.

-Retread Rubbereden 2020




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