April is Still not a Nice Girl

April 2021- New Work Pending-

The Missing Thread

Trying so very hard

not to miss this

fragile thread.

The tail end of the shadows

contains it like it was pulling ink

in a thread line pinpoint

needles eye of the lines on this page.

April ignoring Spring

Back turned smirking

lusting in the gusting

of a premature barbecue twilight

gale burning hotter

wanting Summer now


No time foreplay.

April pleading hot and fast

Jump me now

Instead of holding the fool May’s hand

So in the hissing high unnatural

desire there is just enough

light and heat to make you

believe out of season

you’ve got a shot at all this.

When April wants to really taunt March

she uses his winds like this on you.

The roar of Winter in the throat of a August Dog

right after the Fools day with your name written

all over it.

April laughing in all their faces.

Calling then just a bunch of numbers with Roman names

don’t let the calendar door hit you as it clears

your ass clear away.


Not a nice girl

after all.

Knows you and your missing thread

and shows up on an afternoon like this

to taunt and tease  you…..in knots.                                           

   Sometimes Grief-barks up the wrong tree   2011

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