Recalled in May

May 2021- These Themes bloom again -New Work pending

This is a collaboration w/ Kayla Cunningham in memory of her Mom-as heart breaking as it this breath taking-

May 2017 Shorts


Playing Russian Roulette Cyber Phone

Six Chambers Characters only

One wants to hear from you

All the others are blanks

We are all we will ever have

And we are awash

With devices that want

No part of us.

We Saw Horse

Upon a rocking broken sky

Prompted up go between in

Sleepy Suspended thunder heads


You get your mug out of the jug

And your hand out of your pants ?

You we remain just another aging pilgrim

With dubious aspirations

Who fights tooth and nail

Resisting any enlightenment.

Left at the dock

He was ruthless in his pursuit

To be a nobody

Proudly beaming upon the Wharf

After he missed the Cyber boat

Crossword Poetry (Solutions Below)

For Darren


     1.  Robert Mitchum in the Kitchen’s Film Noir gear shift

    3. Those who listen around Corners hear

             5. Greek Painter who laughed himself to death

                 7. Beer makes you smart drinking is

                       9. Sam Cooke and The Pretenders are working on

Across1. Bowie fell here looking for

 4. Eno’s finks don’t do this

6. Lincoln had no laughs here

8 Mr. Ed’s wires did this

10 PT 109 Borgnine

12 Stairway to Smith Haven Mall lead singer

14 Beckett’s Laurel & Hardy are waiting for


11 Nobody Walks in LA

13 Being Fail Safe Dr. Strange Love there

15 Picnic basket Catcher

17 Beat respite between Dunkin Ds and Mickey Ds

19 Big Mountain E9th long ago between 1 & 2nd Ave.

21 Rolling Stone Preferred Pigment 

Cheat Sheet for Crossword Poetry       


     1.  Angel Eyes

3. Sharp Corners

     5. Zeuxis 

     7. Art

     9. The Chain Gang


2 Water


7. Ford’s Theater

9. Curled his lips

12. McHale’s Navy

13. Robert Plant

14. Godot


  1. 13. Missing Persons

15.Peter Sellers.

16.Yogi Berra.

18. The Coal Yard

              19. Verkhovyna  (The Big Mountain)


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