Too Much To June

June 2021Recent Work – Additional content pending



When the Correctional Officer brought her into the County Jail classroom that morning I remember how little she looked. Barely 5 ft tall and maybe all of 90 pounds. The Women section issued tan hospital tunic and pants was rolled up at the sleeves and cuffed Numerous times at the ankles. Her head hung down to her chin shrouded with auburn  Hair that extended past her arm pits in a tangled nest. She wouldn’t meet my eyes and Silently sat down at the table seemingly awaiting chastisement.


May Shorts 2021

In case of emergency-

Please follow these instructions

Brake glass with a glare

Read instructions on

how to deploy the Prose

Then- Stand down

Awaiting the proper authorizes

And further directives

Disregard the shards of splintered glass

About your feet

Remain calm

You may injure yourself.


My Funny Valentine

Between That first time she fucked him

An the last time she fucked him

There was this miraculous grace period

Where nobody got fucked over for once.



Some people

Are marked

Some people

Leave marks.

I’m Gemini

I do both

Some people

Take marks

Leave marks.

Some Marks are defined

By marks



as infected .

From Some you incur high marks

Will you endure the low marks ?

And then there are those marks

written on their face

They read each other at first sight

Chapter and Verse.

Uncollected 5/7/21

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