August 2022

New Work Summer 22- Transferred from the home page-

Excellent Collaboration
Have been in this Soundscape this past Summer pictured below
Edna on the Sound circa 1950

Edna at the Pearly Gates

The morning after my Birthday

Sister called me and announced

Well- it’s that phone call-

Mom’s gone

They told me it was around 10:30

Calmly I replied well-

Terrible now everything that could have

Happened to Edna has happened

My Sister Boni told me that her and my

Brother -in-law Kevin were leaving to the rest home

To identify the body to start the final arrangements

A couple of hours later I was sent a text from her that reading-

She was told by the Nurses’ Aid that after that initial phone

Call that Edna started breathing again for a while- but

Finally checked out for good around noon.

I considered just how to understand that earthly pause

Of about an hour and a half-

Edna had been a devout Catholic

So Limbo perhaps-

Certainly her last year on earth was pure purgatory

Bedridden- semi conscious with every indignity of

The flesh checked off the flesh list.

So- Where was Edna ?

This is what I think happened-

When she heaved that last sigh- not out- but in

As the astral body soul started its journey

Into the tunnel toward the light of Infinity-

Clearly Edna didn’t dig this and somehow

Descended back into her ancient flesh shell-

She hid there until they sent her father Poppa

Joe Turner down to grab her hand and pull

Her back up- this time for real saying-

Edna ! Get that little tail of yours over here-

Pronto ! Everybody is waiting on you

And supper is ready ! 

6/8/22- 7/4/22 V. Quatroche

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