September 2022

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Looking for a real tomato
A lost Art

Let the Dragon Speak

(What my voice recognition system heard)

I remember that moment it all finally let go after that night that the weather channel showed an asteroid bull’s-eye hit on Las Vegas and toasting the West Coast for us and everything was off-line and it was getting colder and the snow in June was falling when I ran into her again and she had blue roller stake scales on her chest jets installments.

They still made love.

Holding on the march to war too long

then May sang again with warmth returning as students graduate into the chill.

Some of this was returning to you up to the your old tricks perhaps however just never coming to this extent. In locked out eyes just come to things that were booked in the newness of what was never happening and still that pain did wash away the conversation about holding on too long.

There never are enough thundering trains.

What was ever left behind replaced with that she could never taken from you

But had the least problem of making sure you remembered her alone.

a lifetime searching your place in this

eternal city of removal loss while the loneliness might have been the price of purchase

the gifts discarded by a different stove.

You amused yourself in dismissal, qualification and disingenuous praise.

Round two

the color is falling

and waiting

still to be managed

down the gutter pip flowed a dumpy bitch in just fluidity

to be a swallow willful witch

and it’s always been

at the bar only were

May Woodlice holding court was

still thinking about what was once their lines

in faces discarded galore

but still recalled back to life

the eyes which once shared

in Mexico the world in Chapter 9 forever this is going to have to be sorted out  – perhaps

there would have to be about a bargain struck in the way these words flowed on to page

there is this counterbalance moment and you can feel the interim that you measured that there is no expectation of comprehension

you know yourself well enough to know when to leave well enough not alone

what to hold on to if her shreds didn’t leave you alone

exhilarating moments decimated and disgraced

going to heat up around in fouled pipes

and you position yourself next the another one who looked at you like

just another alleged walk on suspect

with a  derivative script, heart of concrete and a dull axe to grid

but…you have no idea…..The volcano you sit upon.

Collected in Q Bop City 2016


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