Haunting October

October 2017-  So tell me- when was it you wished upon what you used to know ?


Yellow Weeping Willow
hangs her head
caught in the corner of my eye
waving goodbye

Long fingers hang limp
strum the empty heaving air
moving in the tentacle string wind.

Cascading color
tangled water crest fallen
as stray estranged leaves
scurry across black gold

While the adjacent playground
is deserted of children

A lone fire hydrant
squats silently chipped red
not playing
not playing
at all


Collected circa 2000

In His Broken Sky



In his broken sky
bruised black and blue
shiner eyes cloud
puffy with neither
tears, remorse or scar
witness a chilly wind
strip away all the warmth
and romance off
October instantly
shredding her fading
mufti-colored petticoat
reveling pale thin
skinny limbs
foreshadowing an
ugly peep show
in November.

Audio on Quattro-Vox


October is fronting again
October thought itself into existence
promising color and resistance
sporadic warmth
but most of all they knew the drill
the general consensus was it was everyone’s
favorite season
Sentimental prattle
few would speak against it
but the truth was it really was all about
so much dying
a lingering some color lied to your face
and pending harvest rotted in the fields
but whatever came next
was always just a chilly gray November rain.


Falling Shorts 2012

In Synesthesia

Three kinds of listening:

Wind chimes without a voice

The incomplete sentence of silence

Lexicon stripped of shivers

When did my delight

become a dead language ?

Cancelled Cooking Show

When someone has
really gotten deep
into your kitchen.

You’ll never find
that recipe again.


October is…..

October is what
you once said
to an empty door.

The Spider leaves home

These are our ghosts now
trapped like ashes
in an abandoned cobweb.

Remember we are not….

And he had this stiletto cackle
laugh like a manic trip hammer
Woody Woodpecker

Never be

Try to never be
a shitty thing to do

Say what you will
Do what you do
but if any that just means
washing your hands
to do what you had to ?

Try to never be
just another
shitty thing to do.

Bitten off

One might be wise to bear in mind
that all the hurt you have done
in appetite and menu
will someday return
to eat at you.

A nibble here.
a mouthful there
when you once bit off
more you could chew

So just spit it all out.

But remember
the next time you are
really, really hungry
that hurt will return
to Swallow you.


-Got Abstract?




Fall From the Clouds

(recorded as October-Bi-polar on Quattro-Vox 2013)

The light now
At this cusp of
The season
Can change
As many as
Three or four
Times a day

At dawn
Shafts cut
Cone funnels
As light mist
Snakes S shapes
Upon the asphalt.

By noon
The sky is a bruise
And softly cries
For something better
Than what was lost
And not knowing
Just what
Comes next.

Perhaps Summer
May briefly return
To warm and
Take the briefest
Of bows on
The way out.

By Dusk
The chilly black eyed
Shadows like dark circles
Under the eyes
And the subsequent tears
Falling now are for real
As is the chill dark of the night.

Sometimes Grief 2012


October Older

(Recorded on Quattro -Vox 2013)


Pull in the soften light
as October nears past
a new moon across the sky
in the next street over
here where your absence
passes aspiration in a blur
of newer older days where
Fall emerges fresh
in still born green leaves
patches of watercolor encroach
like your temples gray
Turning away from the truth
the days are sneaking years by you
diminishing the sight
stiffening the limb
Time winding you down
your energy ebbing
singing alone in the empty driveway
the vehicle of your flesh
is late
and growing later all the while
so I still strain to hear the sounds
I need to
while resisting the same I’m forced
to endure
the terrible ticking of the now
in my ears
A sound I find
I cannot refuse or resist.

Sometimes Grief 2012




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