November 2017- Po will be updated at various times in the coming weeks

All Souls Day


November shrugged at the time the masks slipped
Stripped away in the face of high wind warnings as if in this season begged advisements cautions

Still mild that morning fooling few to believe
That this day would pass swaddled in gray soft gauze
While the light diffused diminishing increments

Was that encroaching mist unraveling like a ball of yarn
To cascade down a slope of cotton
Falling needle pinpoints liquefied

There was this puncturing of scattered shallow puddles
Reverberating in sound wave concrete circles
Auditory auditions sharpening a deaf set of eyes

In these stains of ink
Lurk faceless memories I think
Past Persona gone non-grata

November shrugged at the time the masks slipped away
To reveal the naked face of high wind awnings
As if this season begged advisement cautions

Stripped away now in alibis and warnings

Uncollected 11/13.

Fall From the Clouds

(recorded as October-Bi-polar on Quattro-Vox 2013)

The light now
At this cusp of
The season
Can change
As many as
Three or four
Times a day

At dawn
Shafts cut
Cone funnels
As light mist
Snakes S shapes
Upon the asphalt.

By noon
The sky is a bruise
And softly cries
For something better
Than what was lost
And not knowing
Just what
Comes next.

Perhaps Summer
May briefly return
To warm and
Take the briefest
Of bows on
The way out.

By Dusk
The chilly black eyed
Shadows like dark circles
Under the eyes
And the subsequent tears
Falling now are for real
As is the chill dark of the night.

Sometimes Grief 2012


In His Broken Sky

In his broken sky
bruised black and blue
shiner eyes cloud
puffy with neither
tears, remorse or scar
witness a chilly wind
strip away all the warmth
and romance off
October instantly
shredding her fading
mufti-colored petticoat
reveling pale thin
skinny limbs
foreshadowing an
ugly peep show
in November.



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